Top 5 Signs of a Workaholic: Do You Have These Workaholic Symptoms?


Ask Yourself, “Am I a Workaholic?” We often wear workaholism as a badge of honor in our culture. People who put in long hours, including evenings and weekends, are often seen as smart, ambitious and entrepreneurial. But a workaholic lifestyle has its downsides. Workaholics tend to take on more work than they can effectively handle and are more disorganized than people who can disconnect from work. Being committed to your job is a good quality, but there is a difference between having a strong work ethic and being a workaholic. Here’s how to tell if you’ve crossed that line with these telltale signs of a workaholic: You’re a Millennial You Have Trouble Delegating Work You Can’t Turn Off Your Life is Neglected You Don’t Feel Well You’re Part of the Millennial Workforce Members of the generation with a reputation for slacking off and not wanting to pay their dues are actually more likely to be workaholics than other generations. A 2016 study by Project: Time Off found that 43 percent of people who identified themselves as “work martyrs” were Millennials, compared to just 29 percent of overall survey respondents. They were also more likely to forfeit unused vacation days than Gen Xers and Boomers. What Causes Workaholism in Millennialls? In an interview with Harvard Business Review, a Senior Project Director for Project: Time Off theorized that cell phones and the internet are two of the reasons Millennials tend to be workaholics. This is the first generation that entered the workforce with both of those technologies available, and as such, the Millennial hiring process looks different than other generations’. Delegating Work is Difficult for You Workaholics tend to be terrible at delegation because they believe that nobody can do a job as well as they can. When they must hand off work to others, they micromanage. If you believe that you are the only one capable of getting work done, recognize that this is a trust issue. Many of your team members are likely just as capable. Some very valuable advice for workaholics is to start by delegating small tasks that can free you up to Read More »

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